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Thermo Lo All you need to know.

What is Thermo Lo:

The one-of-a-kind Thermo-Lo system uses cutting-edge technology to effectively treat a wide variety of skin problems – everything from skin tags and spider veins to acne and unwanted hair – without pain, scarring, or downtime.

The Thermo-Lo simply uses a fine needle and an electric current to dehydrate the problem area, causing the body to exfoliate the resulting dry skin over the next few days, often permanently solving the problem.


Who is it for:

People who suffer from:

  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Skin Tags
  • Hair Removal
  • Spider Veins
  • Cherry Hemangioma
  • Milia
  • Melasma
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Cholesterol Deposits


Pre-Treatment Instructions:

Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds, or self-tanners for 2-4 weeks before treatment. Use sunscreen SPF 50 or higher when going outside.

  • Stop Retin A use 1 week prior to treatment(s)
  • Avoid peels two weeks prior to treatments(s)


What to Expect During The Treatment:

The probe is applied precisely to the area to be treated. Most clients experience a warm pricking sensation. This is more noticeable in sensitive areas around the lips and nose. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort.


Post Treatment Care:

Immediately after the treatments, you may apply an ice pack and/or Aloe Vera, as there may be mild swelling.

  • Avoid any trauma to the skin for up to 2-5 days, such as bathing with very hot water or strenuous exercise. Try to keep the area dry.
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin to achieve your best results. If any crusting appears you can apply an antibiotic cream. Some physicians recommend Aloe Vera gel or some other after sunburn treatment. Follow instructions as specified by your aesthetic Thermo-Lo professional.
  • Makeup may be used after the treatment site has quit swelling- unless there is epidermal bleeding. It is recommended to use new makeup or powered mineral makeup to reduce the possibility of infection.
  • You may shower after the laser treatments in tepid water. If extensive work has been done, you may need to cover the area with Aquaphor or Vaseline before showering and lightly remove it after bathing. Skin should be patted dry and NOT rubbed.
  • After a few days you may wash the treated area gently with a mild soap.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds, or self-tanners for 2-4 weeks and throughout the course of the treatment to reduce the chance of dark or light spots.
  • Use sunscreen SPF 50 or higher at all times after the treatment when going outside. Avoiding sun exposure after the treatment is critical in reducing the risk of hyper and/or hypo-pigmentation.
  • Avoid tweezing, waxing, bleaching and exfoliation treatments during the course of the treatment(s).
  • Do not use any irritants such as Retin-A until the area has completely healed up.


What To Expect After Treatment:

  • It is normal for the treated area to feel like sunburn for a few hours.
  • You may experience redness and bruising from three to five days at the treatment.
  • There is very little downtime, and side effects are very minimal and very manageable. You will notice some fine scabbing after a few days in the area treated, at this time can be covered with makeup. This will resolve in about 7-10 days, it is ideal to combine this treatment with Tixel Laser Treatment, allowing the patient to recover at one time and gain the benefits of both treatments for optimal results!

Before & After Photos

The Best!!

“I just moved here December 2021. I scheduled my first appointment with Trina. My experience was the best! Trina was so patient, kind, and informative. She listened to my concerns and goals. I walked out feeling like a new person. She is the best!”

Kellie G.

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