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PDO Threading

What is PDO Threading:

A PDO thread lift is a revolutionary new treatment in the world of aesthetics, but PDO threads themselves have been used safely for decades for various applications, like treating gynecological disorders or suturing incisions after medical procedures. When used as an aesthetic treatment, there are a few things you should know.

First, it mechanically results in instant skin lifting. Second, it contracts fat tissue to result in instant skin tightening. Third, it promotes collagen production and neovascularization to renew your skin at the cellular level. All of this works together to give you enhanced skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and more elastic skin.

For additional information on PDO Threads page to learn all you need to know, including pre and post care instructions and before and after photos.

  • PDO Full Face Lift $2500
  • PDO Full Face + Neck $4250
  • PDO 1/2 Mid Face (Cheeks) $1500
  • PDO Mid Face + Neck $3500
  • PDO Neck Lift $2500
  • PDO Eyes $1200
  • PDO Brow Lift $1500
  • PDO Lips $350

To have a PDO thread evaluation and learn more please book a FREE “PDO Initial Consult”. This is the first step in the PDO process! 

If you’ve already discussed threads with our office and would like to schedule a treatment, please call or text (719) 419-8096 as PDO treatments cannot be booked online!

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