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Teeth Whitening

DaVinci Teeth Whitening:

DaVinci teeth whitening safely removes stains caused by foods, beverages, tobacco, medicine, and aging. The treatment is broken up into 3-20 min sessions in which the organic, plant and mineral based product, sits on the teeth. A light is directed at the teeth to activate the product’s whitening process.

The active ingredient is a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Between sessions patients will rinse their mouth and take a short break before the next session. The process is relatively pain-free, patients may experience a slight tingling sensation and soreness from the mouth retractor keeping the lips pulled back. For sensitive teeth we recommend doing our addon desensitizer treatment. For those with extreme sensitivity it is not recommended to do DaVinci Teeth Whitening. After treatment it is essential that the patient doesn’t consume any food or beverages with color for 24 hours.

Laser Teeth Whitening $300
Add-on Desensitizer $12.50

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