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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Consultation

The first step in the permanent makeup process. Discuss questions about permanent makeup, get an evaluation with our expert artist to learn if you’re a candidate for permanent makeup. Cost is $50 for the consultation. This deposit goes towards the permanent makeup treatment of your choice!



Choose from an array of custom options tailored to enhance your eyebrows.

Eyebrows Powder $550
Eyebrows Combo $700

Lash Enhancement

A light, natural, permanent eyeliner across the upper lash line.

Upper Lash Enhancement $325
Lower Lash Enhancement $100
Both Upper & Lower Lash Enhancement $425

Upper & Lower Eye Liner

Permanent eye liner for upper or lower eye lids.

Upper Eye Liner $400
Lower Eye Liner $150
Both Upper & Lower Eye Liner $500

Tattoo Removal

Have faded or undesirable permanent makeup? We can remove almost any unwanted permanent makeup with our LiFT Removal system. Multiple sessions are required. Schedule a consultation to get further information!

$150 per session

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